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Powerspin is a precision steel ball spinning rapidly inside an infinity tube and youâ€ll feel it working immediately, there is no delay. Each and every spin tightens and pumps your muscles within seconds, regardless of your current fitness level.

Isometric exercise is safe but ruthlessly efficient and engages virtually the entire muscle mass in the arm, chest, shoulder, abs... targetting and recruiting far more fibres in each muscle during each 60 second set and bringing on rapid [muscle] fatigue. And this really matters. More fibres used means greater calories burned and all within a far shorter time frame.

SPIN good bye to saggy.
Fuller use of each muscle also means better, more uniform definition & toning. Powerspin demands more from you in each workout and quickly delivers visible, measurable results meaning that your arms, chest, shoulders or tummy are really benefiting every time you carry out one of the unique 60 second Powerspin exercise movements

6 minutes a day, to get your arms into the best shape of your life!

Powerspin is a dynamic new isometricexercise device designed to tone and shape the arms and upper body. Modern scientific research has proven isometric exercise to be a better and far more efficient way to tone and strengthen the muscles and tendons in your body when compared to conventional workout methods, helping firm and tone the arms, shoulders, chest and abs in far less time than normal - just 6 minutes a day in fact!

Powerspin is simple and fun to use and comes with a 6 minute workout DVD containing the specific exercises required to help carve fat from your arms and sculpt them into shape - RAPIDLY Follow this 6 minute workout set NO MORE than 3 times each week and you WILL get measurable results within just 30 days - we guarantee it


Powerspin is fast & simple to use
Powerspin can be used anywhere
Powerspin is small & compact

Brand: Powerball

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