Aqua Bidet

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Aqua Bidet is an easy-to-install bidet system that fits onto most existing household toilet seats.
It is proven to be more hygienic and less abrasive than wiping and since they save paper, are more economical and environmentally friendly.

- Comfortable cleansing wash
- Ultimate personal hygiene
- Simple for everyone to use
- Easy to install on any toilet

Installation steps:
- Turn off water feed
- Flush to empty cistern
- Remove toilet seat
- Center bidet on top of toilet rim and match holes with bidet
- Re-attach toilet seat on top of bidet and fasten seat screws
- Disconnect flexible toilet hose from flush tank
- Connect T-adaptor to flush tank
- Connect flexible toilet hose to T-adaptor
- Connect tube to T-adaptor
- Connect other end of tube to bidet
- Turn water feed back on

What's in the box
Seat attachment with controller
Water tube
Attachment screw
Two washers
User guide

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